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Rainy days Dating ideas

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1. Have a wine and paint night

These have become pretty popular date ideas, but why not recreate the activity at home? If you have fancy paints and canvases, great, if not, jsut get one and thick posterboard type paper. You can find tons of painting tutorials on YouTube of paintings you like.

2. Compete in a cook off or join forces to create a fabulous meal

There's something so romantic about cooking dinner together. I'm not sure if it's the fact that your creating something together or that there are so many different tastes, smells, and textures to delight your senses. Whatever the reason

Feeling more competitive? Host your own cook off. Each of you gets the same ingredients and same amount of time to come up with your own tasty creation.

3. Cozy up to an indoor picnic

Why not take a picnic indoors? Set up a blanket and some pillows, even better if it's by a fireplace! Pack up all your food in picnic backet and laze away the day with your yummy food and cozy set up.

4. Set up a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts can be so fun! Each of you set up one for the other person by writing clues that lead to different locations. It's even more fun if you add little missions to each location and also little gifts {just funny little items you've found around the house}.

5. Get crafty

Why not pull out all the art supplies you have {paint, stickers, colored paper} and get creative! If you have absolutely no idea what to make, you can look up ideas on Pinterest, but part of the fun is just creating something! Who cares if it looks like a Kindergarten project?

6. Channel your competitive sides

Bust out your favorite games and have a game night. We are partial to backgammon and gin rummy. Up the ante with pre decided bets!

7. Stay in bed all day

A rainy day is the best excuse to stay in bed all day. Bring books, games, and food to bed and stay there alllll dayyyy! *sigh* so cozy!

8. Have a book club for two

Start a book together or read or listen to the same book. Once you're done, discuss! If you're stumped on what to talk about, you can Google book club discussion guides. Here are some book ideas.

9. Build a fort

Standard childhood rainy day activity that's SO much fun as an adult! Put your blankets, furniture, and pillows to good use and create the magical fort of your childhood dreams. Bonus points if you add twinkly lights. Serious bonus points if you play a make believe game like when you were a kid, but we won't judge you if you just use your fort to take a nap.

10. Go museum hopping

The perfect way to spend a day indoors! Pump yourself full of culture and creativity. You may be surprised how inspired you leave feeling.

11. Be kids again

There are so many fun indoor activities for kids, but who says they have to be for kids only? Here are some great ideas to channel your inner child while hiding indoors:

  • Bowling
  • Ice skating
  • Arcade
  • Laser tag
  • Go carts

12. Pretend you're in Paris

Sitting in a café all day and lingering over cups of coffee or glasses of wine just feels so Parisian to me. Find the cutest café near you and go whisper sweet nothings to each other, people watch, and/or read a book.

13. Go mud sliding

Grab sleds {or trash can lids if you don't have sleds!}, find a big hill, and let the rain be your very own slip and slide! It might get a bit messy, but it'll be so much fun!

14. Have a rainy swim

Why not go swimming in the rain? You won't get about getting wet from the rain since you'll already be wet from the pool. If you don't have your own pool, go to a community one, it's sure to be empty on a rainy day! Plus, a rainy swim can be surprisingly romantic.

15. Splash in puddles

A kid favorite, and why not channel your inner kid? Put on some heavy duty rain boots and go find some big puddles to stomp in! You may be surprised just how much fun it can be!

16. Try your hand at rain photography

Rain photography can be very beautiful. Head out in the rain and find some magical water soaked streets, trees, flowers, and more to take photos of! Just make sure you have a raincoat for your camera or at least a plastic bag to keep it safe.

17. Dance and sing in the rain

They made a movie out of it for a reason. Grab a cute umbrella, put on a pair of colorful rainboots, and you're good to go star in your own musical comedy. Twirl around a lamppost {or even just around the street}, skip, dance, sing, and feel how good it feels to be free in the rain!


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